James Allen and Blue Nile Comparison


In today’s Jewelry Talk we are going to be comparing James Allen and Blue Nile to each other.

Both are among the largest online diamond vendors in the United States. Blue Nile currently seems to be the best selling online diamond vendor which is followed by James Allen. Of course there are still crucial differences that we want to have a closer look at!

Blue Nile Main Features

Blue Nile is the most well known online diamond vendor. In fact, there is no other diamond vendor that has been online as long as Blue Nile has! It was the first of its kind and even now it boasts the largest collection of diamonds to be found online!

Blue Nile Diamonds


So, to put it very bluntly: Blue Nile is offering around 200.000 diamonds altogether.

Of course this includes all diamonds shapes that you can imagine: Round cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds, emerald diamonds, asscher cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, radiant diamonds, pear diamonds, oval diamonds, marquise diamonds and heart diamonds!

Of course, as the round cut diamond is by far the most popular diamond shape most diamonds sold on Blue Nile are in fact round cut diamonds.

Blue Nile only offers GIA and AGS certified diamonds which shows that Blue Nile is all about quality.

One of Blue Nile’s largest drawbacks is the fact that one cannot view most diamonds. An exception only applies to Blue Nile’s signature ideal diamonds. These diamonds have an additional GCAL grading report.

These GCAL grading reports actually do show an image of the diamond so that one can then get an impression of how the diamond is going to look like.

Thus when buying a Blue Nile signature ideal diamond one can rest assured that one will be able to check up the diamond properly before buying it.

What about Blue Nile diamonds outside the signature ideal line?

But what about diamonds then that don’t belong to the signature ideal line?

Well, for these diamonds the only information you will have will look like this:

Blue Nile information on diamonds

These information will give you a good impression of what you can expect from your diamond. However, this is not the ideal circumstances under which you want to buy a diamond.

Buying a diamond online has very clear and distinct price advantages. However, especially with lower graded diamonds like SI1 and SI2 diamonds you always want to make sure that you have an eye clean diamond. Without being able to view the diamond it might be difficult to determine for these kinds of diamonds whether a diamond is eye clean or not.

For this reason one will have to stick with VS2 diamonds or better with Blue Nile.

Blue Nile describes the shopping experience as follows:

All in all the shoppin experience is very good but the disadvantage of not being able to view the diamonds is obvious.

Blue Nile diamond prices

The fact that Blue Nile is not providing detailed images is a clear disadvantage. But at the same time this is also an advantage!

This is due to the fact that it positively impacts diamond prices. Diamond prices in general are complicated. Not necessarily as far as white diamonds are concerned but most certainly as far as fancy colored diamonds are concerned.

All in all the diamond prices at Blue Nile make a very cheap impression. They are most certainly among the cheapest that can be found in the industry!

James Allen Main Features

James Allen on the other hand is very well known for their 360 degree video technology!

In fact, James Allen was the very first one to introduce videos of diamonds in an online store. It quickly became so popular that James Allen is now offering the video technology for all of its diamonds – without exception.

This video technology has the advantage that the customer can also pick among SI1 and SI2 diamonds. This is advantageous insofar as these diamonds are usually cheaper than their VS counterparts. They require a thorough look at the diamond and this is exactly what James Allen can give you!

James Allen Video TechnologyJames Allen diamond Prices

As far as the prices of James Allen diamonds are concerned I always had the feeling they are on par with Blue Nile. I personally never had the impression that Blue Nile diamonds are cheaper than James Allen diamonds. Although I also never had this feeling the other way around.

Thus, I would say that as far as diamond prices are concerned it does not matter where you buy. Actually.

Because if you want to make the really good deals you will have to pick a diamond among the SI clarity grades. This is something that only James Allen will allow you to do with their video technology!

Therefore, I would say that especially for people who are looking for the really best prices James Allen has its advantages over Blue Nile.

James allen and Blue Nile in direct comparison

When comparing James Allen vs Blue Nile directly to each other one can clearly see why both diamond vendors currently belong to the very best diamond online vendors.

A blogger called Your Diamond Teacher has directly compared both companies to each other and has had a rather onesided view on James Allen being better than Blue Nile.

As previously stated that can not be said if you are out there to buy VS diamonds or even better.

Thus, in conclusion both stores are on one level as far as the quality of diamonds is concerned. However it feels easier and lighter if one is also able to view the diamond before making a purchase. This is where James Allen comes in winning stupendously!

In the end I would recommend to check out both diamond vendors because they are both legendary and have to offer lots of diamonds.

Of course James Allen has much fewer diamonds to offer than Blue Nile has. But they still have enough diamonds to offer so that you will definitely not have problems to find your perfect diamond.

I recommend to check out both stores and see for yourself which one you like better!



Gem & Diamond Guide


On the following illustration you can see the sizes of different gems and diamonds.

It is important to know how big the gemstone or diamond is actually going to look like in real life:

Gem and Diamond GuideIt is important to be aware of the fact that a 2ct diamond does not look twice as large as a 1ct diamond. Many people actually assume that this is the case but it very clearly is not!

The following video on diamond carat weight will teach you more on this issue:

If you have any further questions just contact us and we will help you!